Elephant spots a flock of birds-She does exactly what she should

Elephants are mostly known for being the enormous huge creature that they are. However, a little-known fact about this species is that they are just as kind.

Why do we say that and how do we know? Well, there are enough evidence all over the internet and several eye-witnessed experiences that are proof of how elephants are by far the kindest animals in the world. Moreover, elephants have the ability to sense danger along with being natural empaths.

These natural empaths are nothing short of a kind. In this viral video, we see an elephant calf who likes to share her food with some birds. She is a very kind one. When Fai Mai saw a flock of birds, she knew that they were just as hungry as she had been a few minutes ago, so she did what she would’ve done best.

This video will melt your hearts. Watch the full video below!

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