Couple Living in 88-square-foot Apartment for $300 a Month Shows How They Make It Work

Living has become very expensive in today’s day and time. You never know how much money you need in order to live a good life without any worries.

Paying for your rent can be very expensive. It is harder when you are living with a moderate income. Rent or expenses to live won’t decline for the sake of anyone. However, it is quite possible for a person to make smart decisions so that they could escape hard decisions. Things will always go your way when you think smart like this couple did.

The couple lives in a 88 square foot apartment. The apartment is nothing close to expensive. The couple lives very comfortably with a limited budget. They are all very happy with how things turn out for them as rent is not even as close to being expensive as most people pay.

This will impress you for sure. Watch the full video below!

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