Rescue Elephant Interrupts Caretaker So She Can Sing Lullaby To Calf

Music is for everyone. You can reach out to anyone with the melody. Even if you don’t understand their language, you can communicate through music. Just like this elephant and his caretaker.

Faa Mai, as she is affectionately called, is the epitome of “the pampered princess.” The baby elephant, whose name means “A New Day,” is surrounded by warmth and care at Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park (ENP).


Those who have cared for the gentle giants here at the park for the past decade have seen the birth of this beautiful princess. For her, this is family.

Elephant Nature Park’s caretaker and founder Lek Chailert is unusually fond of the elephants who have found sanctuary and security at her establishment. She looks after all the animals that arrive, and she has cared for Faa Mai, who is 9 years old, since she was a calf. Whenever Faa Mai is stressed and frightened, Lek sings her lullaby for comfort.

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