85-year-old Widow Forced Out of Apartment for an Infuriating Reason

Diana Martin, an 85-year-old woman’s faith in Jesus, was mighty. Furthermore, she was even praying for individuals.

Little did she know she would encounter injustice due to her belief system. The woman lived 14 years in Hanford apartment. She never missed rent neither caused any scenes. Nevertheless, she couldn’t prevent eviction from knocking on the doors.


The notice came along during the winter season. Hence, the woman pleaded for more time. Nonetheless, the owner and city’s vice mayor Draxler showed no mercy. What is happening to our society? A criminal walks free, whereas the innocents suffer. Religious expression is not so threatening as an armed person. Pardon my emotion, but this is an outrageous act. I hope I am not the only one offended. Please share your thoughts on the matter.

Please share this story around to avoid such cruelty to any law-abiding citizen.