Abused Dog Was Terrified of Everything, Until He Told Her Everyone Was Going to Be Alright

It’s sad to see so many dogs at shelters get put down. They are especially at risk if they show any kind of behavioral issues. They don’t realize how scared these dogs can be in such a strange new environment, surrounded by strangers and unfamiliar smells. The dog in this video, Edie, was also about to be put down because she was scared all the time.

Hope For Paws decided to intervene in the situation. The rescue organization from California decided to take Edie under their wings and give her a second chance. When she was let out of her box, she was so terrified that she dashed into a corner. Even getting a leash around her neck was a struggle, but they finally did manage to secure her.

Once he put a leash on her, Edie jumped straight into her rescuer’s lap—she was that scared. They found out that all she needed was a hug. After that day, she started showing signs of improvement. It seemed that she wagged her tail after a really long time. She also went on to play with her rescuers. They took her to the groomer’s where her matted locks were cut off.

After suffering for a long time, Edie turned into a totally new dog. Let’s hope she gets to live the life she deserves. Check out this amazing video below:

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