15 Reasons Why German Shepherds Are the Best Dogs

German Shepherds are well known as being amazing guard dogs. They also make a great fit into any family setting. They can be trained to protect and serve, and will never back down from a challenge. They’ve been cast in heroic roles in so many movies, it’s hard not to want one for your own home. After all, who doesn’t want a natural-born hero under your roof?

German Shepherds are easy to train, obedient and love to please their owners. They are also extremely loyal and devoted. But if you’re still not convinced about why they’re great picks for your home, perhaps you will be at the end of this article! Here are 15 reasons why German Shepherds are the best pets you can have:

1. They’re obedient.

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German Shepherds enjoy learning new things as well as following instructions to a tee. They can learn a new command within five repetitions of it, which is quite impressive indeed! This makes training with them a breeze.

2. They’re loyal and caring


With proper training and love, German Shepherds become extremely attached and loyal to their owners. They will love unconditionally, and are even willing to put their lives on the line to protect their loved ones!

3. They’re extremely intelligent

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They’re one of the smartest dogs on the planet, part from Border Collies and poodles. They are very curious and crave constant mental stimulation. This makes them great picks as police dogs.

4. They’re the best companions.


Once they bond with you, German Shepherds just won’t let you go. They love being around their family, which is why they make really good family dogs.

5. They’re very active

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These dogs have oodles of energy packed into them, and really love exercising while having fun. This will push their owners to be healthy too, which is always a plus!

6. They’re relatively healthy


Unlike most larger breeds, German Shepherds are pretty healthy. The only issues they have are with their elbow and hip joints, but that is preventable if they are healthy.

7. They are heroic.


They are just innately heroic. This is why they are great for the police or military. They don’t hesitate to sacrifice themselves to have others.

8. They’re wonderful family dogs.


If you socialize them well from a young age, German Shepherds can get along with almost anyone. So remember to set up play dates for your pup!

9. They are adaptable.


These versatile working dogs can adapt to any sort of lifestyle and living condition. If they are trained well and kept active, they can adapt to your needs.

10. They’re easy to maintain


German Shepherds do need a bit of grooming, but it’s not that impossible to deal with. At least its not extensive as poodle hair!

11. They come in a range of shades

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German Shepherds don’t just come in the black and tan coat. They come in everything from black and red, sable and black to white and blue.

12. They can get along with other pets.

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They might look very dominating and intimidating, but one must not always go by looks. If they are socialized well, they can get along with everyone!

13. They will accept people you trust


These dogs seem to have an in-built radar that can sense whether you trust someone or not. If you don’t like them, they don’t like them either!

14. They are very curious


German Shepherds have a natural curiosity. They are always fascinated by things around them and love mental stimulation.

15. They are the cutest puppies.

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How can anybody say no to those adorable puppy eyes?

Perhaps these reasons will finally give you that push you needed to get yourself the German Shepherd you always wanted. Or if you already have one, maybe this will make you love them even more!

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