German Shepherd Takes Over Her Owner’s Bed, Watch When He Gets Confronted

Some owners don’t allow their pets to get on their bed or couch. However, their sneaky dogs wait for the right moment to steal a nap on that thing they are not allowed to sleep on. And this German Shepherd did exactly that. She saw the opportunity to sleep on her owner’s warm and fluffy bed, and she just couldn’t resist. When Edie’s owner came back to his room, he found the big pooch relaxing on his bed like it was her own!

Edie thinks that her dad’s bed is more comfortable than hers. Her owner says that it is okay, as long as she leaves some room for him. Even when the pup notices her owner, she makes no effort to move. Her expression when dad starts taking to her is absolutely adorable! That head tilt is going to melt your heart for sure! German Shepherds can be scary, however, like other dogs, they are also very playful, loving, and gentle.

Dogs bring lots of joy and happiness in our lives. Owning one is the best thing ever. They may be naughty from time to time, however, good training will make them come a long way. And really, who can stay mad at such cute faces anyway? They may do some mischievous things, but you will forgive them in no time!

Watch this adorable video below! Did Edie make you smile? Feel free to share your thoughts about the clip in the comments section!

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