Life is never a smooth ride. But sometimes, it gets particularly rough for some of us. While it can be challenging to get out of those times, some flourish exceptionally well. Pastor Mendigo Rogerio Brito is one such example. After being homeless for years, he is now going around spending an important message. 

Mendigo had to beg his way out of life for years. During that period, he got to experience how badly the underprivileged are treated. His faith in God helped him overcome his obstacles. However, he wants everyone to know how he felt and enlighten them. Now and then, he dresses up poorly and goes to churches to test how accepting the community is. Many questions him first, as he pretends to be a drunk homeless man. But when he holds the mic and begins to sing, it’s so serene that he moves people to tears.

What a beautiful lesson that this guy is imparting. May he be blessed with his faith. What do you think about his odd way of teaching? Let us know below. 

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