This Rainforest Eagle Is So Big That Some People Think It’s a Person in a Bird Costume

The wild is full of adventurous and risk-taking creatures. Hence, our fascination with the animals inhabiting the dense forest is well justified. Especially birds, who majestically glide over the beautiful blue sky. Their existence has become the unanimous symbol of freedom. Take Eagle, for instance.

The bird is praised for its fierce look. The ability to fly so high has been a symbol of freedom for the American people. So, much so, they have considered the flyer as a national bird. But there is more to this species than what we usually see roaming above the city area. Meet Harpy Eagle, the rainforest native.

Native to Central and South America, these birds are alarmingly gigantic. These birds prefer tropical habitats. Harpy Eagle weighs up to 20 pounds with a length of over 3 feet. And the females are much larger compared to the males. Furthermore, they have impressive monster claws that can kill their prey within seconds.

Please press play and enjoy these outstanding features of this fascinating bird.

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