Skating can be a very interesting sport. People may be withdrawn by its monotony but Jennifer Stratoti proves it wrong.

Her dance made the crowds taken aback. This adorable dancer really knows how to impress the crowd and we are genuinely impressed. The skating championship may be for adults, but Jennifer brings a childish touch to it. She enters the skating ground with a white tutu and angel wings. Jennifer surprises the crowd at first.

However, she soon starts flapping her arms in a motion that an angel would flap her wings. She skates through the ice and while looking like a plump and delightful angel. Jennifer really knows how to steal someone’s heart with just her cuteness. Moreover, Stratoti is just as talented as she is cute. One cant help but fall in love with her dramatic performance.

This is one of the rarest and the most wholesome videos on the internet! Watch the full video below! Please click on watch on Youtube to view the video.

And After so much hardwork and percistance, Jennifer Stratoti shushed everyone with her amazing transformation.Now,  she confidently rocks her body in the ice with grace and elegance.

Here’s her body transformation:


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