She Took 8 Days To Set Up These 15,000 Dominoes, Now Watch When They Topple Over

Art has no limit. There is no wrong or right way to make art—every piece is special in its own way. The only thing is that it takes a bit of imagination, creativity and a lot of patience to pull off. The young lady in the following video has come up with a way to turn classic dominoes into a form of art, and the internet can’t get enough of it! Meet the YouTuber, Hevesh5. She is a domino artist, and she has over a million subscribers on YouTube alone!

For this video, she took 15,000 individual dominoes to create a stunning structure. It was an incredible triple spiral, creates with a plethora of colors. It’s a mindboggling figure, and you can only imagine how long it took for her to visualize it and create the structure! The artist said that it took her 25 hours in total, and she spanned it over 8 days to complete the structure. After she set up the structure, she did what most domino artists do—let is all fall down!

By tipping only one domino, it triggers a whole chain reaction! This is such a great way to teach children about energy. Each domino holds potential energy, and when you topple one over, it transfers into kinetic energy. You can imagine how accurate the artists have to be to create such a reaction. Apart from the science though, the sequence is just hypnotizing to watch! No wonder these sorts of videos get millions of hits!

Dominoes might seem like simple toys, but they can be used in such amazing ways! There is really no limit to how complicated or simple a formation can be, and it’s such a great medium of art if you’re into it! Check out this stunning video below:

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