Golden Retrievers Wake Up 15-month-old Baby for Hilarious “Crime”

Some friendships are just irreplaceable. And you cannot only replicate the things that you do with those friends with any other person. It may be going to a hike with a nature-loving buddy or going to the movies to watch a film series together! However, this friendship is a bit different. Not only is it between a doggo and a human, but they are, in fact, partners in crime!

Chris Cardinal and his wife have a camera in the baby room to check on their daughter Chloe. But one day they saw two intruders wake her up. And it was none other than their two Golden Retrievers Colby and Bleu! The parents were aware of the two mischievous dog’s skills to open doors. But the parents could never imagine a day like this would come!

partners in crime baby

It all started when they noticed that baby Chloe’s doors were open in the morning, although they shut it the previous night. They rolled the camera and saw that the canines not only opened the door but woke Chloe up. They kissed and cuddled with her and looks like they even convinced her to get breakfast for them! And the 15-month-old baby wakes right up and follows them. Thankfully, the Mom found her in the hallway before she got to the kitchen! Watch the “escape” video below:

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