She Gets a Camera to See Dogs’ Reaction When She’s Gone – It’s Adorable

I don’t know what humans did to deserve dogs, but we sure are a lucky bunch. Dogs are definitely one of the best things that happened to mankind. They are adorable, faithful, loving, affectionate, and a constant source of entertainment.

Dogs also provide the best of company. You can never be bored when you are by their side. It seems as if the minute you think things are going fine, they do something crazy to keep you on your toes. Dogs enjoy our company as much as we enjoy theirs, if not more.

Dogs are very social creatures, and they love hanging out around their friends. They prosper through bonds and friendship. So when they are left all on their own, they can get really lonely. Not many people realize this. Dogs can even go into depression when they are left isolated for too long. That is why it’s good to talk and engage with them.


Sometimes, however, we are forced to leave them behind on their own because we also have a life–things like work and social engagements are generally not amenable to having our dogs along.

This owner leaves her two dogs behind when she goes to work every day. She wanted to see what her dogs did when she wasn’t home, so she set up a camera. What she finds is a little amusing, a little sad, and perfectly adorable.

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