Dog Adorably Asks His Mom To Put On His Jammies

Dogs are the most adorable animals in the whole entire world. Humans love them mostly because they are loyal and extremely cute.

Dogs are very gentle but sometimes, they just want humans to understand them. Salem is a Doberman who loves to wear his custom pajamas. When it gets too cold, he desires to wear warm sweaters and a pair of cute pajamas.


When Salem gets cold he sits and cry’s until I put one on him. I’ve been hanging them up on the dog kennel & he’s started bringing them to me

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However, sometimes, it is hard for him to make his mom understand that he is cold. Salem whines to her. He starts making noise so that she brings him some warm jammies to slide into. The custom pajamas are truly so adorable and look very comfortable to wear as well.

This is one of the most adorable videos you will ever watch.                                                                          Watch the full video below!


Salem in his pajamas is my favorite thing. He gets super cold easily and actually asks me to put sweaters on him. Or he brings them to me 😂😂

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