Pet Says Goodbye To His Owner For The Last Time – I’m In Tears…

There is nothing worse than losing someone you love. They leave a void in your life, and it extremely difficult to cope with their loss sometimes. Death is a part of life. It is something inevitable, and something that we all know will happen someday. Yet, it’s so hard to deal with. Our departed loved ones never come back, and you tend to regret taking all the times you took them for granted.

This is true even with our pets. Losing a pet can be really heartbreaking. Some might even say that they have mourned more for the loss of a pet rather than the loss of a relative. There is just a very deep attachment with pets. After all, you raise them from the time they are puppies or kittens. They become your best friend and closest confidante. They give you some of the best memories in life, and make your days better without even trying.


Saying goodbye is just heartbreaking. Seeing them age just like humans to the point that they are living every day in pain is hard to watch. Many opt to put their pets down to save them from all the suffering. It hurts, but it is for the best. This poem by Vivienne Matthews speaks to the heart about the loss of a pet. It is called “Owner, Dearest friend”, and has been written from the perspective of a pet. If you’ve lost a pet, this is definitely touch your heart.

Check out the full video below:

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