Dog is Always Pretending He Has To Go Pee – He Tricks Owner All The Time

We’ve all seen how stubburn our canine companions can be. You tell them a million times not to do a thing, and then bam! Minutes later, they are chewing your new shoes.  Sometimes it’s funny and give you a picturesque moment while other times you just can’t let it go.

A Boston Terrier mix sits on a carpet near their front door in this amusing video. At first glance, you might think the pup is simply taking a short break from an active play session. This is not the case, as the dog stares intently at the camera, as if pleading for a favor. Mum then asks the pup if he wants to go potty. After seeing how desperately he tries to persuade her to open the door, Mum can’t help but agree to the dog’s request.

Dog is Always Pretending He Has To Go Pee

So she decides to open the door, but not before warning the furbaby not to go in the pool. But you already know what’s going to happen next…

You can watch the entire video here:


How stubburn is your dog? Does he listen to you or has his own way to showcase your tantrum?