Calm Golden Retriever Suddenly Snaps at Groomer

The job of a groomer is truly outstanding when it comes to non-compliant canine breeds. Some can get really aggressive and even bite the groomer during the process. Hence, many choose to muzzle the dogs as they finish grooming. But Golden Retriever is one of the most friendly types.

The breed tends to stay quieter and obedient through the process. Let’s be honest; everyone has their bad days, even these adorable goofballs. Unlike humans, they don’t sit down and resolve it. They fight back and attack to prove their point. Similar is the story of Brooke’s. She is a young dog learning through the experience.


During a grooming session, Brooke shows signs of agitation. Initially, the groomer pays no mind to it all. But along the line, the canine almost gives the lady a heart attack. Brooke snaps, trying to bite the lady. This time, she puts on a muzzle to avoid getting bitten. I mean, as long as it’s not hurting the dog. I don’t see the problem.

We never know how risky the job gets. Speaking from my experience, my little pup hates water. Anyone grooming him will be terrified. The final results are adorable. Brooke is ready for the world.

Please press play and enjoy this clip.

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