Faithful Dog Runs Up to Garbage Man to Ask for Help and Ends Up Saving Elderly Owner’s Life

An elderly woman had once rescued a dog and owned him. The dog was later named Sandy. Sandy did everything he could to protect and stay loyal to his loving owner. He even saved her life!

Gwendola Johnson fell down while walking at the side of her house and couldn’t get up. Although, there were no serious injuries, she asked her dog to find help. Thankfully, a sanitation worker Kirk, was around the area doing his daily chores when Sandy found him.

Kirk sensed that something was wrong with the dog’s actions. He followed the dog who took him to his helpless owner. The man helped Gwendola get up on her knees on time. The weather was pretty hot and we couldn’t even think of what could’ve happened to the woman if the dog didn’t get help on time.

Kirk and Sandy are the heroes of Gwendola’s life and she will surely be thankful towards them for the rest of her life. Watch the full video below!

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