This Adorable Gsd Can’t Stop Saying “Hello,” Her Cutesy Attempt is Truly Heartwarming

Dogs can be our best friends and companions. They are famous for having the ability to recognize human facial expressions and emotions quite accurately. This, and the fact that they are very social animals, makes them the ideal pets for us. Dog owners insist that they can understand what their dogs are saying, despite their inability to utter a single word. Dogs are very expressive that way. But some take it a step further by “talking”

You might be familiar with Mishka the Husky. She became an internet phenomenon because of her ability to talk. Millions were impressed by the clip in which she said “I love you”. Mishka is known for saying more than just “I love you” though. Dogs have evolved around humans for centuries and developed unique ways of communication, so maybe this is a step towards a better communication system! The German Shepherd in the following video might not be Mishka, but she’s well on her way to becoming the next star.

This cute white German Shepherd might just be the next Mishka. She was sitting down in front of her owner, and repeating her words! This adorable pooch was filmed saying “Hello”. She repeats after her owner like a little child, and watching her try her best is so heartwarming! No matter how many times her owner tells her to talk, she obediently agrees. Isn’t that the sweetest?

Check out the full video below:

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