He Picks the Stray Dogs One by One but It Was What He Did Next That Left Me With a Crushed Heart!

There were over 300,000 stray dogs roaming in Bangkok according to the Soi Dog Foundation, Thailand . The number of these poor helpless dogs is surely high however there are some kindhearted people trying to change things for these helpless and homeless dogs.

This video shows the story of Sorasart Wisetsin. We have seen dog lovers helping dogs by feeding them and helping them but what Mr. Wisetsin does is very rare. His deed is very simple yet very remarkable. He collects the stray dogs around his town and bathes them.

The Joy of Giving_ When I bathe stray dogs (เมื่อผมอาบน้ำให้หมาจรรอบๆหมู่บ้าน) 0-58 screenshot

You might think what’s so huge on that but when you will watch this beautiful video you will know what it actually means. Watch this heart touching video and tell us what you think about it through your comments. We value them!

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