Everyone Thought This Dog Was Ok, But Rescuers Had to Act Quickly Before the Trauma Hit

Winter can be dangerous, especially around places where it snows. The lower temperature can freeze lakes, ponds, and rivers. And many animals and humans can get stuck in the icy lakes as it cracks.

It was a similar case that these people came across one day. A dog got stuck in an icy frozen lake one day. He was trying his best to get out of the water. But since the area was too fragile, it was risky for the dog to come out of it. But fortunately, a rescue team arrived on time.

dog gets rescued

The men heard the dog crying for help. And they immediately went to rescue the dog that was stuck. One of the rescuers slid across the icy lake to reach the dog. He had a neon-green rope around his waist, so it’s easier to come out. He jumps into the freezing water and grabs the dog.

Since the ice around them can crack any minute, so he decides to slide along with the dog. And they finally get the dog out of the freezing water and think he’ll be okay. However, the dog suddenly stops breathing, and his whole body goes cold. So, the rescuers had to think quick to save the dog’s life.

WATCH what happens after they get the dog out of the water.

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