Daring Construction Crew Rescues a Dog Drowning in Irrigation Canal

Here’s a heartwarming video of a quick-thinking construction crew that uses its equipment and its brains to rescue a dog who is drowning in fast-moving water flowing down an irrigation canal.

It happened in Pasaje Canton, Ecuador. A construction crew was working next to the concrete irrigation canal when they were notified by another crew that a dog was trapped in the swiftly moving canal water.

They moved their backhoe into place so one of the workers could climb into the bucket, then lowered the arm down to the level of the water. The worker spots the dog in the distance and calls out instructions to the equipment operator as he gets ready to grab the dog as it floats by.

As he calls out instructions, the other workers look for the dog and, when it appears, broadcast its location to the man on the bucket. At first it looks like the scared dog tries to bite the man in the bucket as he grabs it, but it quickly realizes the human is there to help.

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