Dog Dumped at Shelter Clings to Rescuer in Heartbreaking Video

Since the day, the human race decided to domesticate canines. The pups have been proving their loyalty and affection to us. But we humans have disappointed these amazing creatures one abandonment at a time.

Just when you think it couldn’t get worst. An Australian shepherd and collie mix, Hunter was abandoned at the doors of the Houston Humane Society. A few hours later this incident, a volunteer filmed the following clip. In the video, Hunter looks devasted. As the pup buries its face in the volunteer’s chest on the verge of tears. The reason behind the surrender is even more aggravating. Hunter didn’t get along with the family’s new puppy; hence they decided to give up on it.

Once the video was posted with the story in the captions, it didn’t take long for people to pour in support. Soon applications for Hunter’s adoption flooded in the shelter. After careful selection and an overwhelming meet and greet. Hunter finally has a new forever home. A loving couple who have a similar breed canine as Hunter. This happy ending really made my day; I hope it brightens yours too.

Please press play and enjoy this fantastic ending.

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