Woman Looks Outside To See Wild Elephants Drinking From Her Pool

Once the winter is in full spring, water sources become scarce. Such condition highly affects around the regions that habitats wild animals. For instance, South Africa is home to a wide range of wildlife. A couple of mammals, birds, reptiles, and many more.

Elephants, in general, are the water babies of this region. They are always around waterholes, either quenching their thirst or splashing it to cool the body. So much so, they travel long distances in search of pristine water sources. Usually, the swimming pools around the lodge area seem to be a go-to for the animals.


Take this clip, for example. A woman was traveling in South Africa when she began hearing noises outside of her room. She was stunned to discover a herd of elephants drinking for the pool outside the room. Slowly and carefully, she peeked through the small opening of the main door. The mammals were enjoying the refreshing water in the scorching heat. A total of six elephants has taken over the  Thanda Game Reserve’s splash pool on Lodge 3.

Please press play and enjoy this wild scenery. It makes you want to jump on a plane and travel all around.

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