Nobody Wanted This Poor Shelter Dog, Until This Little Girl Came Along

There are lots of abandoned dogs in the world. However, there are many organizations that have been working day and night for their wellbeing. But just because you get a dog off the streets doesn’t mean they are safe. Dogs that end up in shelters are at a high risk of euthanization if they aren’t adopted on time. The video below tells us the story of those dogs that have been eagerly waiting to be adopted, but in vain.

This pooch had been lonely for a long time. He is saddened when he realizes that his neighbor has been adopted but he hasn’t. He was down in the dumps, thinking he is never going to be adopted, but then a little girl notices him. You are going to be touched when you see the little fella finally in good hands! Some dogs are lucky like him, while some aren’t as fortunate and are forced to face death when potential adopters don’t pay them any mind. The plight of these dogs is heartrending to say the least.

“Adopt, don’t shop”. Shelter dogs are in need of your love. If you are trying to get a pet, please visit your local shelter. You could end up changing someone’s life! Watch this touching video below. What did you think about this? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

[ytvid id=”jc5XQSVeQ2c”]

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