Dad Records Doctor Making Fun Of Son’s Anxiety Attack

People consider doctors a step down from God. They might not be able to do a lot of things, but they do have the ability to save a dying person. While being a doctor comes with a lot of pressure, yet no matter how big or small a patient’s condition is, they should be considerate. However, this ER doctor was everything but thoughtful to her patient.

Samuel Bradwell, a college athlete, was rushed to the hospital after suffering from a panic attack. He had extreme anxiety and PTSD. And the only way to be stable was by taking anxiety medication. However, he ran out of it and couldn’t get hold of the pills for two days. As a result, he suffered a severe panic attack during basketball practice and had to immediately taken to the hospital.

doctor mocks anxiety patient

But while at the hospital, something happened that was more terrible than the panic attack. The ER doctor who was treating him couldn’t stop mocking him and be disrespectful. Dr. Beth Keegstra kept laughing at Bardwell and thought he was “full of s**t.” She even told him that he was the least sick of all the people in the hospital.

Samuel’s father filmed the entire scene where Dr. Keegstra grabs his arms and screams at him. She laughs when Sam tells her he’s having trouble inhaling. She thinks Samuel is there to con the hospital out for drugs. And she keeps on insulting the young man over and over again.

WATCH how the doctor humiliates and disrespects the poor college student for his anxiety below.

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