ER Doc Hears Pregnant Woman Scream – You Won’t Believe What Happens Next

Internet is home to simply the most bizarre and funny things in the world. Even the craziest moment or stories come to life through videos, blogs, and many more. And if you have been surfing through this peculiar world, you may have seen a thing or two.

Similar is the theme of the video featuring below. The clip belongs to one of the episodes from a 2005 docudrama “Untold Stories of the ER.” This, by far, is the extraordinary birth childbirth story you might ever come across. It aired 15 seasons on TLC and Discovery Life, where doctors deal and discuss the puzzling cases and try to solve them.


Dr. Mauricio Heilbron was having quite a day in the Emergency room in one of the hospitals in San Pedro, California. From a hallucinating man who believes he has a gunshot wound to an actual gunshot victim, Dr. Mauricio had his plates full. In the midst of the crowd, he heard a pregnant woman scream. Something unimaginable happened a baby came flying out. Oh, it’s not an imaginary tale; the story is a queer one. Fortunately, the baby was fine and healthy.

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