Camera Footage Catches Out Appalling Delivery of a $1500 Camera Lens

Delivering packages is a tough job. You have to carry out people’s boxes to places that are sometimes too hard to find. And also, you have no idea what you’re delivering, so it is also a huge risk. But that doesn’t mean you have the rights to mishandle other people’s packages. But this delivery guy might be unaware of his duties.

Greg Riegler had a package being delivered to him. It was $1500 worth of camera lenses. And he trusted his delivery men to bring it to him safe and sound. However, this was something he did not expect. His screendoor camera captures the moment where the delivery man tosses his package from 15 feet.

disrespectful delivery man

The delivery men get off of their vehicle and proceed towards the door. One of them has the package containing $1500 worth of camera lens, and the other one has the paper works. And the man with the package casually tosses the box from 15 feet away.

The man with the paperwork comes forward and slides the box with his foot as he calls the owner. The other guy then picks it up and acts as if he was carrying it all this time.

WATCH, the disrespectful delivery fail below.

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