Elderly woman makes a new friend right out of her window. Now, this wild animal visits her twice every daySometimes, people form a strong relationship with animals. And the best part is when they’re not domesticated animals. We’ve seen plenty of people getting friendly with wild animals. But this case is a little different.

An 81-year-old widowed woman from Norway now has a new friend in her life. And it is not a human. Mette Kvam is best friends with a stag who she’s named Flippen. Flippen comes every single day outside of her house, sometimes twice a day. And Mette gives the stag different things to eat.

deer visits widow everyday

Flippen always comes by her home and looks through the window. And the 81-year-old widow pets him on the head and feeds him. The deer is so fond of the old lady that he sometimes sleeps outside of her house. And Mette has grown so used to the animal that she’s happy to feed him every day.

However, there are a lot of people criticizing Mette for her actions. They believe that it’s dangerous to feed wild animals. They argue that the animals are aggressive and wouldn’t think twice when it comes to harming humans if they don’t get to eat. Yet, Mette is not getting caught up on the internet drama and keep feeding Flippen as much as she can.

WATCH the adorable bond between Mette and Flippen below.

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