Cockatoo Hears Her Favorite Song and Hilariously Starts Wild Dance

Parrots and cockatoos are incredibly intelligent creatures. They have the ability to learn very quickly, and have the awesome skill to mimic speech and sounds that they hear around them every day.

Parrots also fall under the list of very few animals that can recognize rhythm and actually hold it. That, combined with their wonderful ability to dance, can create some amazing moments indeed! The cockatoo in the following video is a stunning dancer who isn’t afraid to show off her moves!

When this cockatoo heard the funky tunes start up, the infectious beat took a hold of her right away. Every time she hears it, he breaks into a dance right there on the spot! Even if it’s right on top of her cage!

Just watch how she bobs her head up and down and follows the rhythm perfectly! Her owner couldn’t help but film the whole thing. After all, it’s not every single day that you get to see a cockatoo shake her feathers like this! Watch the short video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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