Hunkey Dentist Is in the Spotlight for His Smoking Hot Dance Moves

You make regular visits to your doctors, but how much do you know about these dedicated human beings. Do they enjoy singing? Or maybe indulges in some freestyle dancing? Well, you surely aren’t going to find any answers right away. But fortunately, some patients have.

Dr. Rich Constantine, a five-star rated dental practitioner, is going viral for an entirely different routine. Dr. Rich shares valuable insights in his TikTok and Instagram videos. The clips do really come in handy when you have a medical issue. But the reasons he is going viral have nothing to do with health and wellness.

Maybe a little dancing does help our mental stress and is a proven exercise. Oh yes, you have got it right. Dr. Rich’s recent freestyle on the famous song, Taki Taki, has become sensational. With a smile on his face, the dentist performs an entertaining Salsa-inspired video for his followers. I mean, what’s to complain? You are getting medical advice with a touch of entertainment.

Also known as Dr. C now gained online fame in 2018 when two of his dance videos became a hit. Not just that, he even enjoys wordplays. In Drake’s challenge, when everyone else was dancing to “In My Feelings.” Dr. C was jamming to In My Fillings. You have to agree that impressive and funny. Please press play and enjoy the delightful clip.

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