High School Boys Show What They Get Up To When The Choir Teacher Is Gone

We all remember the days when our teacher would leave merely for seconds. The classroom turned into chaos. People were talking, laughing, throwing papers. It was like the monster was out from the cages after centuries. But all this was fun and little things that made us happy.

It turns out things haven’t changed. A group of talented students created a musical compilation when once their choir teacher left the room. Fortunately, they are much more civil than my high school classmates. The kids in the clip work really well together. I mean, just look at the way they have managed groups and assigned tasks. Only if a lot of people had the same sense of interaction, the world would be a musical journey.

In the jamming session, the skilled group creates an impressive rendition of instrumentals. Including the classics like the Nintendo Wii theme song and “Heart & Soul”. The compilation is an impressive job in itself. They have managed to achieve a wonderful harmony of every small instrument by putting them to correct use. Not a single performer is out of tune or too ahead or slow. Suppose they can do this without the choir teacher. Just imagine what they can achieve with enough space for practice.

The little ones have accumulated a whooping 15M views on their collaboration. Moreover, they have stolen the hearts of many. Please press play and enjoy this entertaining and well-put compilation.

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