Mom Waking Up From Surgery Doesn’t Remember Her Kid & Flips Thinking Husband Kidnapped Her

Dental Anesthesia can make a person think a little loopy. Videos of people after anesthesia are absolutely hilarious. They suffer from temporary memory loss and hallucinate like they are high on drugs. This mom just finished her dental surgery and has a remanence of the anesthesia still on her body.

As he husband drove to her house with her children, they are a little confused how their mom is reacting. On her tiktok page, candace A.K.A justagirlnamedcandace she shared her now viral video captioning: “Forgot I birthed an entire child and legit thought my husband was a kidnapper. #omg #dentist #toothpullout #momsoftiktok #fyp ##ProveWhatsPossible
Dental Anesthesia

To facilitate this lie, her husband came up with a plan to claim that they had kidnapped the three children, intending to sell them off. Even after she noticed her children, Candace still appears concerned and keeps glancing at them in the backseat.

Watch this hilarious video and how it played along.

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