English Farmer Shows How To Make 100 Cows Act Like A Dog

Cows are basically really big mooing dogs. They enjoy being petted, they enjoy learning new tricks, and they adore scratching their belly or any other part of their body. So this farmer devised a very healthy trick.

27-year-old Tom Pemberton is a second-generation farmer from Lancashire, England. He dedicates his life to taking care of cows and educate people around the world about what it looks like raising a farm animal. He states: “I got into social media by mistake. I was trying to promote a raw milk vending machine in a video, which my girlfriend helped me with at the time. We posted the video on Facebook and YouTube — Facebook went really well with around 11,000 views and YouTube only got 200-300 views. That’s how it started, completely by mistake!

Tom Pemberton farm life

His recent video on “How to make over 100 cows extremely happy very quickly!” is going viral. “Today is a huge day for the cows, you know 4 months ago that we got a cow brush for out cows being inside. They loved it!” Tom states, “So the guys at Finneasy and mayo cow Comfort wanted me to have one that lives outside with during the summer months! “

Watch this wholesome video here:

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