Missing fallen soldier from Korean War finally makes it home, airline’s response is tear-jerking

Delta Air Lines employees gathered on the tarmac in Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia one cloudy day. They were there to welcome an airplane that had heavy cargo in its hold. This particular shipment was very important because it carried the remains of two military soldiers. The Honor Guards were there to pay tribute. According to the YouTube description, the caskets that landed on the ground carried two fallen soldiers.

Brian McConnell works for Delta Air Lines and coordinates the Honor Guard program for the military fallen, and he says that the first fallen soldier coming off the aircraft, covered in the U.S. Flag, is a soldier missing for over 63 years from the Korean War. The soldier was identified and was being returned to his family. The second and smaller box carried additional bone fragments of a soldier who was already sent home and buried. These fragments were going to be interned with the rest of his body.

The Delta Honor Guard, consisting of employees from Delta Air, got together to receive them. They held a ceremony for the fallen soldiers in the bustle of ground operations. They lowered flags and read a prayer for the deceased. This salute is surely going to touch your hear.

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