Deer Hilariously Chomps Up All The Carrots Attached To Snowman

With the commencement of winter, it has started to snow in most parts of the world. People are excited about hot chocolate, warm fires, Christmas, but mostly, they are excited about snowmen! (Who isn’t?) This deer, however, seemed to be excited about something else. So, when he came across a snowman, his reaction was totally opposite than that of most people. The video below shows his first interaction with a cute snowman and it’s hilarious.

In the footage, the deer sees the snowman and gets confused as to what it is. He is hesitant, but he still decides to approach the snowman. After realizing that it didn’t move at all, she decides to take a quick sniff. Upon sniffing, she realizes that the snowman was actually a treasure in disguise! While smelling through, she realized the snowman’s nose was a carrot and she didn’t hesitate at all to gobble it down. Once she was done with it, she went on to the hair of the snowman, which was also made of the snow. That was when another deer came in to check what was happening.

Once the deer was finished munching the hair, she went on to knock the snowman’s head down and smash it entirely to make sure she got every last piece of carrot!

Thankfully, this hilarious interaction of a deer with a snowman was recorded in a video. Whoever recorded it, has become successful in making my day. Watch the video for yourself below:

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