Poor Camel Is Abused For Bizzare Human Entertainment, PETA Fights Back

Although a camel is quite active in lifting heavy baggage, these Pakistan men take definite advantage of the poor creatures. A cruel traditional activity of making the camel lift excessive loads of rocks has caught the attention of PETA. Elisa Allen, who is the representative of the organization, has promised to stop this brutality. She plans to end the competition as soon as possible.

The camel has no other choice but to tolerate as they go on placing a substantial amount of load on his body. It’s painful to see him being held down with ropes and being pushed around against his will. All this unnecessary pain just for the entertainment of humans, it’s a disgusting behavior shown by worst possible humans.

Camels are intelligent creatures, and they do not deserve such treatment. People need to raise awareness on this animal injustice and find measures to end this practice. People cannot take this creature for granted and petty amusement.

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