Giant Great Dane Adorably Confused by New Addition to the Family

We all have a different level of comfort zone. So, making new friends is easier for some and a little apprehensive for others. On top of that, as the only pet in a house for years. A new introduction is not always smooth as we expect it to be.

Great Dane, a household pet of 14 months, was casually strolling in the living room. When the owners put a box on the table. The canine friend looks more confused and stunned as to what the squeaky noise is coming. For a while, he just eagerly moves back and forth. When the mommy decides to take Darcy out.

The four-day-old Golden color Gosling starts flapping his adorable little wings. Hugo gets startled by the baby. The interaction begins with the gentle giant trying everything possible to sniff the duck. Dogs do that to determine if they have met before. Soon, he realizes this little doll is a stranger.

The reaction is adorable; however, we don’t want to ruin the experience by spoiling it for you. Please enjoy exceptional communication without words. Did you like the video? Please share it on the feed.

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