Owner Guilt Trips Husky For Stealing Shoe And His Intelligent Response Is Perfect

When we pet any animal for long enough, they can understand our speeches. Not just that, they can acknowledge their naughty behaviors like tearing up the couch or playing with tissue rolls.

However, time and again, individuals beg to differ. So, the video below can help justify the statement.

The mother records the whole scenario as her Husky comes running with one of her shoes. She confronts the dog about her missing one. He then howls after receiving the lecture. When the woman request to retrieve the footwear. We get to witness the canine companion’s guilt trip. Azlan runs out of the room for a brief moment just to return with the missing shoe. With puppy dog eyes, he gets close to the owner to receive some sense of comfort. Please enjoy the live-action below. Do share your pet’s stories.

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