These Incredible Dancing Owls will Make You Feel Like Joining In!

Sometimes you see something that’s so unexpected and fun that you just have to laugh. That’s exactly how I felt when I watched this video, and I think you will probably feel the same.

In this video we have three burrowing owls that live in this front yard. They are actually slightly famous–two years before they were an internet sensation for a video that got over 8 million views and was called, aptly, “Owl Dance-Off.” It was sponsored by action video camera maker Go-Pro and shot by wildlife photographer Megan Lorenz.

Here Megan and the owls are at it again and I think it’s better than the first. There’s more dancing and less advertising, so it’s much more fun.

Although their synchronized movements are apparently a natural phenomenon and there isn’t really any music in the yard, it’s incredible how they appear to be dancing. I was fascinated and amused at the same time.

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