Men Line Up to Celebrate This Grandma’s 90th Birthday by Dancing With Her. And She Outshines Them All!

Some people love to dance! Any opportunity they get, they sneak a dance routine in there. I guess they are so passionate about it that they can’t help but move their bodies to the music. One of those people is Jean Phelps Veloz.

As soon as she gets a partner and the music starts to play, Jean has to dance. And as you can see, she’s very good at it too! The Grandma even changes multiple dance partners in the middle of her routine. But the real kicker comes after her dancing ends. Although it looks like the crowd is gathered in the room to watch her perform, they are actually there to celebrate Jean’s birthday. Her 90th birthday, to be exact!

jean the dancer

Don’t you think she looks impeccable? I’m sure that you are more shocked about how well she dances after you know her age. A cake-cutting ceremony soon follows the fun freestyle she’s just performed. Watch the incredible video of her dancing down below:

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