Dance Team Lifts Bowed Heads. Steal the Show in Seconds of First Note

God bless the cheerleaders. They always amp up the whole crowd with their exciting cheers and strict dancing regime. Which takes weeks or days, even months to perfect. They never perform anything ordinary.

It’s always the fusion of great lifts and precise steps. Much like the one performed by the Rocklin High School half time act. The crowd is in for a treat. “Hard work pays off,” and the squad proves it as soon as the music starts. Hats off to the tutor for aligning 27 pupils into a powerful entertainer.

Initially, they all line up in vertical lines and move only in synchronization. Their execution reveals more like dominos falling one by one. With their accurate arm movement, the bunch looks like professional dancers. Furthermore, they make the whole routine seems so easy, thanks to their impeccable performance. I hope you enjoyed the entire clip of the impressive students. What did you think of the magnificent work of art?

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