Dad Looks Up During Wife’s Labor and Mouths “I Think He Has Down Syndrome”

It is not a bad thing that a child is different from the rest. Standing out from the crowd is always a good thing.

And, it certainly was a great thing that this little boy had the best pair of parents. When a child is born, the parents are the most excited. In fact, the mom and the dad are the ones who bring their children into the world and they are also the ones who do everything in their will to provide for their child. But, it is quite obvious that a parent would not want his child to stand out from the crowd.

Not everyone can take criticism well. But this really is not the case for these parents because they know what they should do when their child is in need and they do exactly what they should. At birth the dad was confirmed of his suspicion that his son has Down Syndrome but now they’ve come to harmony with this and are willing to do everything for their son.

This is very heartwarming. Watch the full video below!

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