Daniel Rivas wanted to go to his high school’s homecoming. He was dead set on it, in fact. The only issue? There was no one who wanted to be his date. Daniel, who has Down syndrome, requested that a girl accompany him as a date, but unfortunately, he was turned down. And that’s when kyle stepped in

Despite being a student in the 10th grade in 2016, Kylie Fronius went out of her way to ensure that Daniel Rivas had a great homecoming. Although Daniel has Down syndrome, Kylie views him as someone who learns differently rather than someone with a disability, and she always emphasizes this. Kylie resolved to ensure that Daniel could attend the homecoming dance like a typical high schooler.

Girl Asks Rejected Classmate

Fox5 News Las Vegas did a segment on Kylie and Daniel after Kylie made a huge poster to ask Daniel to the dance. On the big night, the two high schoolers dressed up in a gown and tuxedo, had a meal with their dates, took a limo ride, and enjoyed a red carpet treatment all in the name of a great evening of dancing.

Daniel’s mom was touched by he kindness. On an interview with fox news, she states: “Someone took the time to take my son to homecoming words can’t describe what I’m feeling.Watch the video here.

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