Dad’s Heartfelt Wedding Speech Leads Into Unforgettable “Les Miserables” Flash Mob

A perfect wedding day takes a lot of time and effort from everyone involved. The bride and the groom are especially under a lot of pressure. They have to run around taking care of the tiniest of details. And when you plan an elaborate ceremony, it is somehow important that you do something out of the ordinary.

So, when Patrina and Charlie were about to tie their knot, it was an elaborate event. The highschool sweethearts drifted apart when they were adults. But like a true soulmate fashion, they ended up meeting again after a long gap. There was an immediate spark between the two, and they decided to get married.

dad surprises daughter at wedding

Their marriage was something to remember for a lot of reasons. Of course, the wedding in itself was extravagant. But her dad wanted to do more for his beloved daughter. Therefore, he decided to give her a surprise of her lifetime.

After giving the toast at the wedding for his daughter and son-in-law, he surprises him with a performance. Patrina’s friends start a surprise flash mob at her wedding. They all perform a Les Miserables musical flash mob. It leaves everyone in awe, and Patrina and Charlie absolutely stunned. WATCH the amazing performance below.

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