Kids are a bit weird, aren’t they? They do strange things sometimes without any rhyme or reason, just like this little girl who cut off all her hair. We don’t understand why she would want to do such a thing, and neither did her Dad. So, to find out why, he asked her. And her response is hilarious!

Three-year-old Ansleigh recently got a haircut. However, it isn’t the trendiest style out there. She did it all by herself. When her Dad confronts her about this, she says that Jessica inspired her. But Dad explains that Miss Jessica went to school for it. And unfortunately, the toddler hasn’t! But wait- the conversation doesn’t end there.


Ansleigh, who has a mullet, now accuses her Dad of not letting her practice more! The funny girl sure knows how to put things in perspective. Luckily, the father and daughter come to an understanding. And he promises that he’ll let her practice when she is older. I’m glad they reached an understanding of this vital topic. Watch the adorable video below:

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