He Waited Outside Nervously For Their First Date and When She Finally Opens The Door…

Parents play a huge role in shaping a child’s perception of the world. To children, their mothers are the first women they really interact with, and they expect other women to be the same. How a father behaves around children is how children expect men to behave. It’s sad to see so many fathers being absent from their children’s lives. Sometimes they have nobody to look up to. But things are slowly changing—fathers are becoming more involved in parenting than in the past.

The dad in the following video really shows others how it’s done. The got ready in a suit, and he looked really nervous too. He was so sharply dressed and looked ready for a date. He struts out the door, only to turn back around and knock on the door again. That is when we see who his date really its—it’s his little daughter! He wanted to take her out on a date, and it’s simply adorable.

These two have the best day at home. He treats her like a real lady and shows her how she deserved to be treated. She is just so happy and you can see by her expression that she is having a lot of fun. These two made the best team together.

This dad showed the world that children need to learn how they should be treated. He was a really great role model for his little girl, and it’s simply adorable! No wonder this video got so much attention online. Parents better make note of this wonderful idea! Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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