Thief Attempts To Rob Woman On Street – Then She Busts Out Her Martial Arts

Crime seems to be on the rise in a lot of cities and there are many people in the world who try to take advantage of the kindness of other people. Such people deserve a punishment like their deed.

Meredith Livengood is a martial arts instructor. This woman went viral when a video of her knocking a thief down was uploaded on the internet. Meredith is otherwise a very kind woman. She helps the people who are in need and she did the same for this thief. However, not everyone deserves help or kindness of any sort.

When the man asked for the details of her work, she tried to help him with her own phone. Taking the advantage of this situation, he tries to run off with her phone but she shows him her martial skills immediately. This may have been her initial reflex but this move made him pay for his wrong deed.

Meredith is truly an inspiration for everyone. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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