A Dad Secretly Filmed His Teenage Daughter Taking Selfies And It’s Amazingly Embarrassing

Parents always catch their children doing weird things and have the best time making fun of them. This dad is the same.

The video went viral on the internet for all the wholesome reasons and we are here for it. This is definitely one of the funniest parent and child videos you will ever watch and nothing can change your mind once you watch it. The dad in this video is very fond of making fun of his daughter but we mean this in the most non-toxic and friendly way possible.


When the dad felt a lot of movement from the backseat from his rearview mirror, he knew he had to check what was going on behind his back. He then finds out that his funny daughter was taking hilarious selfies in the backseat while living the best life. The dad was as amused as everyone who watched the video was.

This is very wholesome. Watch the full video below!

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