Mom Sees Teen Cuddled With Dad On Bathroom Floor And Asks Others To Pray For Husband

When you go out on a date, you have all sorts of expectations. You may have rejected some because they were not your type. Perhaps someone with a sense of humor. Good looks could be your turn-on. Even hair can matter for some.

But once you become a parent, the priority makes a swift change. Are the must-haves really important at all?

A mom from Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania, shared a heartwarming post with a powerful caption suggesting the importance of a lifelong partner. In her Facebook post, she offers advice to young women in search of their dream man. The number one priority should always be the family.

Boyer’s 13-year-old  daughter was even unable to keep any water down and needed full support from the parents. The picture she shared is of her husband lying next to their daughter. She goes on to explain in her post that no one should settle. She encourages women to make compromises and wait for someone who is worth it.

Someone who values his wife and kids above him but not above Lord. Boyer’s post became a viral sensation with 234K reactions and 380K shares. The post lists out the most wonderful aspect that you need to prioritize in your partner.

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